Recent Projects

Whirpool crossing in Speedwell Cavern

Photographs of work being done by Crewe CPC members on the Whirlpool crossing in Speedwell Cavern

Restoration of "The Bung"

The Bung, Speedwell Cavern, summer 2010

Brian Edmonds

The first we heard of a problem at the Bung was in the TSG Chapel getting ready for a normal Peak trip. Ralph, key holder for the day, was buttonholed and the poor state of the pointing and masonry was discussed. As Ralph was going in Speedwell later to check on the condition of the JH choke we left it to him to assess the problem.

Cromford. Yet another Kirkham Projext!

Len and his team have been busy yet again in the village of Cromford. A shaft appeared in a nature reserve quite close to a public footpath. Len manufactured a “bat friendly” cap and he and John fitted it. It allows access to cavers who have permission. He descended about 8 m to find it blocked with branches from nearby trees. Len is hoping to descend the rest of the shaft, which he estimates is 25 to 30m deep, before the bats return to their winter hibernation sites.

Castern Wood

Another Mine Recovery Project.


We were recently requested by the Staffs Wild Life Trust to rebuild and cap a dangerously “run in shaft top in the Staffs Moorlands,one of many that we have treated for the SWT in this area.

Inspection of Garden Path

A small team from CCPC recently completed  the regular "inspection" of Garden Path for DCA/Chatsworth Estates. They took the opportunity to shoot some video and take a number of photographs. With very restricted access this is one of the best decorated caves in The Peak District.

Thorswood Nature Reserve - Shaft Capped

A small group led by Len have been busy yet again at Thorswood Nature Reserve (Near Ashbourne). In a remarkably short time they capped another shaft which turned out to be 35 metres deep with no side passages. The full depth is unknown as the bottom was filled with farm rubbish.

Speedwell Cavern

Several members have been involved in installing a new pump close to The Bung in this Derbyshire Show Cave. High water levels have not helped but hopefully the tourist boats will soon be able to use the canal without fear of getting beached!

Minera Mine Discoveries

The capping of Cabin Shaft is now complete. For access contact Darren.