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Water Icicle

Negotiations are now under way to open a new entrance.

Route to P8

P8 The CORRECT route to/from P8 has been marked by Ralph and Steve

New Lid on Owlet Mine, Matlock Bath

The finished article

The finished article

Date: 10/02/07 Views: 7260

A group of our elderly statesmen have finally replaced the lid on Owlet Hole, Matlock Bath. As usual the steelwork was manufactured by Len (CCPC consultant engineer and general dogsbody). This old lead mine has one of the best examples of mining by "fire setting" in The Peak District and if you want a free entry in to Gullivers Kingdom this is the place.

"New" pitch in Belgrave Mine

In addition to his work/discoveries in N Wales Darren, ably assisted by Neil, has located a "new" pitch in Belgave Mine- looks as thought it's time for another visit to the area.

Rescue dump refurb

The rescue dump at Picnic Dig has been refurbished, mainly through the efforts of CCPC with a little help from MCG and TSG.

Alternative entrance to Water Icicle

Water Icicle. On Mon 31 March a small team of members (plus Dave W from MCG/DCA) made an attempt to locate the supposed alternative entrance to Water Icicle. Results did not tie in with the survey so were inconclusive. The survey was compared to another survey (different author) and  the two surveys did not agree so it looks like another visit plus (maybe a re-survey) Watch this space.