Welcome to the Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club’s Peak District Rigging Guide. The aim of the guide is to cover the worthwhile SRT trips in the Peak District. The guide was first produced in 1994 and has been through many editions since. In 2012, Edition 11 was the last version produced purely as a paper guide book, to be sold in caving shops. In 2020 the guide moved on-line, free to view and download for personal, club and professional use. Our only restriction is that guides downloaded may not be sold. Copyright remains with Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club.

Going on-line allows us to update the guide more easily and gives the caving community the most up to date topos. For updates, check the rigging guide web page. Updated pages can be substituted in your paper copy.

The provision of a rigging topo, or other rigging details does not mean that access to the cave is allowed, or safe. Check on the Derbyshire Caving Association’s (DCA) Peak District Caving web site for the latest access information ( Peak District Caving also gives the entrance location and often an entrance photograph and other useful information. A QR Code is included with each rigging topo. Scanning the code with a smart phone will take you to the appropriate Peak District Caving page.

Guide books, especially the DCA’s Caves of the Peak District (2010) should give you the rest of the information required for a successful trip. The rigging guide is divided in to regions, based on geographical watersheds and then alphabetically by cave, in the same way as the Peak District Caving web site and Caves of the Peak District to allow easy cross referencing.

Thanks must go to all the members of the caving community who have helped with the bolting programme, subsequent maintenance and the production of this guide.

Happy Caving!

Jenny Drake. February 2020 (Minor correction July 2021)