7 Pitch length (m) -3 Descent distance to deviation (m)
9 Rope length to that point (m) 42 Rope length for entire route (m)
thread Thread belay. Natural, or Drilled scaff pole Scaffold pole belay
spit 8mm spit, rawl bolt, thunderbolt etc. Not stainless steel stainless Stainless steel permanent anchor. IC, Eco, BP, DMM, Goujon, P38, Fixe etc.
spike Spike, or flake deviation Deviation
ladder Fixed ladder pull through Pull through
fixed Fixed rope stake Belay stake
tree belay Tree belay QR code QR Code link to DCA access and location info.
Derbyshire key Derbyshire key required Locked Locked. Key, or code required. See for details
Flowing water Flowing water (normal conditions)