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Ogof Hesp Alyn Trip Report.

A brief note on the trip.
Seven of us were underground. We made it to sump 1. Standout feature of the trip -  MUD! Lots of it from the bottom of the pitches to the sump. An interesting, but physically demanding cave. Someone has been coerced/persuaded to write a fuller report for the next edition of the newsletter.

Some pictures and video from Des here.

CCPC Newsletter 115 - September 2018 Newsletter

Issue Number: 

David Michael Knox


Caving in China

Standedge Tunnel

20th March 2016. Happy Memories of Water Icicle and More!

MidWeek Caving.The Knox-Nixon Bypass. 11-11-14

Coming Soon to a Saturday or Sunday Near You!

Calf Holes and Birkwith Cave. Trip Report.

The meets list said Ibbeth Peril, however the weather was not looking kind for this trip. Mark K had been up the previous day and taken some video of the amount of water going over the waterfall beside the entrance to Ibbeth Peril 1. We reviewed this over breakfast at Inglesport, but decided to travel over to Dentdale and take a look anyway. Viewing the volume of water ourselves decided it and we resolved to go to Calf Holes instead. Driving from Dentdale to Ribblesdale we met a convoy of Minis travelling in the other direction.

White Scar Cave

A trip report from Des Kelly

Always a pleasure going on the White Scar trip as you get to see the stunning showcave as well.

Deaths Head Pot to Notts II

Six of us underground on Sunday. Roy did Deaths Head Pot and prussicked out. The rest of us carried on with the aim of finding the connection to Notts 2. The climb down the dig in the base of the Deaths Head main chamber had a rope in place, as did the short pitch down in to the Master Cave from the Deaths Head inlet, making the through trip practical, assuming we could find the way!

Marilyn Pot. 21st July 2018

A trip report from Des.

Titan Streamway Trip Report

A successful trip along Titan Streamway on Sunday. Eight of us in total underground. Roy came to the Event Horizon with us and prussiked out. The scale of the Titan shaft only becomes apparent when there are plenty of cavers spread up and down the 80m upper pitch and across the fixed tension traverse to the streamway, lighting it up. The Titan Streamway needed some combined tactics and handlines to get us all up the cascades. A beautiful clean washed passage, but with very little water flowing.

Nenthead Weekend 23rd & 24th June 2018

Six people went for a weekend to explore the old lead mines around Nenthead in Cumbria. Saturday was a trip in to Smallcleugh Mine. The aim was to reconnoitre in force the route through to the ladders down to the connection with Caplecleugh mine for the Sunday. In addition we took in a lot of the other best features of this mine, both by design and because we were lost. Eventually Neil found the appropriate ladders and descended the first set to confirm it.

Manchester Hole, Goyden Pot Trip Report.

Nine members underground in this fascinating system. We met a group from CravenPC at the car park, but hardly saw them underground. Followed the guide route description at the insistence of Neil to see most of the major passages, with us underground for over four hours. Delays down to route finding as some, including the Manchester to Goydon connection is obscure. Pretty much every passage we were in obviously floods to the roof at regular intervals. Large parts of trees are distributed around the cave, sometimes rammed in to cracks in the roof many metres overhead.

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