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Around the turn of the century, Crewe CPC were heavily involved in the project to replace 8mm Spit expansion anchors in Peak District caves and mines with stainless steel resin hangers. We compiled a guide book that gave rigging topos for all the worthwhile SRT trips in the Peak District and this rapidly became an essential item in any Peak District cavers, or clubs library. This guide book went through many editions as new routes were added, or existing ones altered.

Time moves on and we decided to transfer the rigging guide to our web site. This allows us to update the guide more quickly and gives cavers access to the latest version of each rigging topo. Derbyshire Caving Association publish rigging topos for caves that they have installed hangers in. These can be viewed and downloaded from the Peak District Caving web site. There are many more caves and routes than this and the CCPC rigging guide tries to cover as many as possible.

The complete guide and individual topos can be viewed, downloaded and printed by individual cavers, clubs and those carrying out caving on a professional basis. Copyright for the guides and rigging topos remains with Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club. Selling topos and guides downloaded from the web site is prohibited.


Any profit from sales of the paper version of the rigging guide used to go to Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation. If you've found the free on-line version useful, then please consider making a donation to DCRO, using the PayPal link below:

Using the Guide

The topos are divided in to regions based on Peak District geographical watersheds and then alphabetically by cave. The scheme is the same as that used in the Caves of the Peak District (2010) guide book (ISBN 978-0-9563473-2-9) and the DCA's Peak District Caving and Cave Registry web sites. If you are not sure what region a cave is in, there is an index, sorted alphabetically by cave name. The CCPC Home navigation button takes you to the main Crewe CPC site.

The following information and links are provided:

Between them, these sources of information should provide the knowledge you'll need to plan a successful trip. Happy Caving!

The Guide

Latest Edition Download PDF The Complete Guide
Edition 13.1 10th December 2020 Gnome Printer Icon Download the complete current edition of the rigging guide in pdf format to print out, or view. This is about 4MB in size. Alternatively, view, or download just the pages you need below.
Cover, Contents, Index & Key
Page Download PDF Description
Rigging Guide Front Cover Gnome Printer Icon Front cover to make your own paper copy rigging guide.
Rigging Guide Contents Gnome Printer Icon Contents page for your old fashioned book style rigging guide.
Rigging Guide Index Gnome Printer Icon Index for your dead tree format rigging guide. Alphabetical by cave.
Rigging Guide Introduction Gnome Printer Icon Introduction for your home made rigging guide.
Rigging Guide Topo Key Gnome Printer Icon A key to the rigging topos for your wood pulp rigging guide.
Region and Rigging Topo Download PDF Location and Access Caves of the Peak District Page Number
Long Rake Mine Gnome Printer Icon Long Rake Mine Page 58
Eldon Hole Gnome Printer Icon Eldon Hole Page 88
Giant's Hole Part 1 - Entrance to Plug Hole Gnome Printer Icon Giants Hole Page 93
Giant's Hole Part 2 - Geology Pot to East Canal Gnome Printer Icon Giants Hole Page 93
Giant's Hole - Basecamp Chamber, Boss Aven & Carnival Aven Gnome Printer Icon Giants Hole Page 93
Maskhill Mine Gnome Printer Icon Maskhill Mine Page 100
Nettle Pot topo 1 Gnome Printer Icon Nettle Pot Page 101
Nettle Pot topo 2 Gnome Printer Icon Nettle Pot Page 101
Odin Mine Gnome Printer Icon Odin Mine Page 105
Oxlow Cavern Gnome Printer Icon Oxlow Cavern Page 107
P8 / Jack Pot Gnome Printer Icon P8 / Jack Pot Page 111
Peak Cavern / Speedwell - Cliff Cavern Gnome Printer Icon Speedwell Cavern Page 129
Peak Cavern / Speedwell - Far Sump Extensions Gnome Printer Icon Peak Cavern - Description in the Far Sump Extension microguide Page 117
Peak Cavern / Speedwell - George Cooper's Aven Gnome Printer Icon Peak Cavern - Description in the Victoria Aven microguide Not in the guide book
Peak Cavern / Speedwell - James Hall Over Engine Mine (JH) Gnome Printer Icon James Hall Over Engine Mine Page 98
Peak Cavern / Speedwell - NCC Shafts Gnome Printer Icon Peak Cavern - Description in the Galena Chamber circuit and NCC Shafts microguide Page 120
Peak Cavern / Speedwell - Titan Gnome Printer Icon Titan Entrance Page 123
Peak Cavern / Speedwell - Victoria Aven Gnome Printer Icon Peak Cavern - Description in the Victoria Aven microguide Page 115
Peak Cavern / Speedwell - White River Series Gnome Printer Icon Peak Cavern - Description in the White River Series microguide Page 122
Rowter Hole Part 1 Gnome Printer Icon Rowter Hole Page 126
Rowter Hole Part 2 Gnome Printer Icon Rowter Hole Not in the guide book
Snelslow Swallet Gnome Printer Icon Snelslow Swallet Page 129
Suicide Cave Gnome Printer Icon Suicide Cave Page 133
Winnats Head Cave Gnome Printer Icon Winnats Head Cave Page 134
Derwent South
Clatterway Levels Gnome Printer Icon Clatterway Levels Page 144
Devonshire Cavern Gnome Printer Icon Devonshire Cavern Page 148
Snake Mine - Part 1 Gnome Printer Icon Snake Mine. See Mining History Bulletin Vol,3 No,5 1968 pp 291-298 for description and survey. The connection to make the "round trip" was made after publication, so is not on the PDMHS survey. Part 2 topo to follow... Not in the guide book
Youds' Level / Day Shaft Gnome Printer Icon Youds' Level (Historically known as Ringing Rake Sough and Masson Sough). For access to Day Shaft (Historically known as Deep Shaft), see Caves of the Peak District. A "Derbyshire Key" is required for the shaft lid. See Mining History Bulletin Vol,8, No,2 1981 pp.65-102 for description and surveys of the mines in this area. Page 165
Robin's Shaft Mine Gnome Printer Icon Robin's Shaft Mine Page 184
Lathkill Dale & Monyash
Hillocks / Whalf Mine Gnome Printer Icon Hillocks Mine Adit Entrance, Whalf Climbing Shaft, Whalf Engine Shaft Page 233
Knotlow Cavern Gnome Printer Icon Knotlow Cavern Chapel Dale Engine Shaft, Climbing Shaft, Engine Shaft, Fourways Shaft Page 234
Lathkill Head Cave Garden Path Gnome Printer Icon Lathkill Head Cave Garden Path Page 237
Lathkill Head Cave Upper Entrance Gnome Printer Icon Lathkill Head Cave Top Entrance Page 237
Water Icicle Close Cavern Gnome Printer Icon Water Icicle Close Cavern Page 243
Stoney Middleton
Carlswark Cavern Gnome Printer Icon Carlswark Cavern, Eyam Dale Shaft, Flower Pot Entrance, Gin Entrance, Resurgence, Stub Scrin Shaft Page 258
Eyam Dale House Cave Gnome Printer Icon Eyam Dale House Cave Page 264
Hungerhill Swallet Gnome Printer Icon Hungerhill Swallet Swallet Entrance, Timbered Shaft Page 269
Layby Pot Gnome Printer Icon Layby Pot Mined Passage Entrance, Oil Drum Entrance Page 272
Level 7, Hope Shaft Gnome Printer Icon Level 7, Hope Shaft. Note that the grid reference for Hope Shaft in Caves of the Peak District is wrong! Page 276
Merlin's Mine Gnome Printer Icon Merlin's Mine Main Entrance, Top Entrance Page 275
Nickergrove Mine Gnome Printer Icon Nickergrove Mine Adit Entrance, Didsbury Shaft, Top Entrance (AKA Pallet Shaft), Hillside Entrance Page 278
Putwell Hill Mine Gnome Printer Icon Putwell Hill Mine Page 308

Topo Key

Important! Pitch and rope lengths are for guidance only. Rope lengths may need to be increased depending on your rigging techniques. Err on the side of caution. Are your ropes long enough? Have you tied a knot in the end?

7 Pitch length (m)
-3 Descent distance to deviation (m)
9 Rope length to that point (m)
Rope length for entire route (m)
thread Natural thread belay, or scaffold bar
spit 8mm spit, rawl bolt, thunderbolt etc. Not stainless steel
stainless Stainless steel permanent anchor. DMM, Goujon, P38, Fixe etc.
spike Spike, or flake
deviation Deviation
ladder Fixed ladder
pull through Pull through
fixed Fixed rope
stake Belay stake
QR code QR Code link to DCA access and location info.

Revision History

Edition Date Changes
13.1 10-12-20 Added a topo for Clatterway Levels. To update a printed version, you should print the new topo and reprint the cover, contents and index.
13.0 14-10-20 Updated and corrected the JH Mine topo, between the surface and the Workshop. Added the option to use a deviation on the pull through pitch in Nickergrove Mine, if it is to be rigged for ascent. Renumbered the guide pages to account for the additional topos since version 12.0. To update a printed version, you should reprint the entire guide.
12.9 5-8-20 Added Snake Mine topo. Just the round trip route for now. Print the new topo, front cover, contents and index to update your guide.
12.8 20-7-2020 Replaced the Eyam Dale House Cave description with a proper topo. To update the guide reprint the page and the front cover.
12.7 6-7-2020 Corrected a rope length in Nickergrove Mine, following a report from Larry Blanchard. To update your guide from version 12.6, reprint the Nickergrove Mine topo and reprint the cover, Contents and Index
12.6 14-3-2020 The Rowter Hole topo has been replaced with two topos and now includes the route from the Gin Shaft to Crystal Orechasm. A topo has been added for Day Shaft that drops down to Youds' Level in the Derwent South region. A minor correction has been made to the Knotlow survey with the rope length in to Pearl Chamber, shown as 29m being changed to the correct 20m. To update your guide replace the front cover, Contents and Index and the Knotlow topo. Replace the Rowter topo with the two new ones and add the Youds' Level - Day Shaft topo.
12.5 8-3-2020 Added the pull through pitch back in to Basecamp Chamber to the third Giant's Hole topo. This has been renamed Giant's Hole - Basecamp Chamber, Boss Aven & Carnival Aven. To update your guide reprint the third Giant's Hole topo and the front cover.
12.4 25-2-2020 The Hungerhill Swallet topo has been updated. The route uses Thunderbolt non-stainless steel anchors and these have been in situ for many years. Their safety is unknown. The anchor symbols have been changed to the non-stainless type and the safety warning made stonger. This cave is on the list for rebolting by DCA, but in the mean time, if you do visit, be aware of the risk. To update your guide reprint the Hungerhill Swallet topo and the front cover.
12.3 23-2-2020 Update of the Level 7 and Hope Shaft topo. Replace the front cover and the Level 7 / Hope Shaft topo to bring your guide up to date from version 12.2. Thank you to Masson Caving Group for supplying up to date information for this system from their recent trip.
12.2 16-2-2020 Addition of George Cooper's Aven rigging topo. Update to Victoria Aven topo. QR Codes added to all the topos. These provide direct links to the web page for that entrance. Allows you to quickly find access and location information from a paper rigging guide by pointing your smartphone camera at the QR Code. Print the entire guide to update from any previous issue.
12.1 12-1-2020 Level 7 / Hope Shaft topo grid references removed. Hope Shaft reference was incorrect. More accurate locations are now in Replace topo (page 40) and front cover.
12.0 8-1-2020 The first edition to be published on-line

Index - Alphabetical by Cave


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Maskhill Mine Bolting

Ralph Johnson hand drilling for a resin anchor in Maskhill Mine 28/8/1995. Photo © Steve Knox.

The photos in the banner at the top of the page are in Victoria Aven in Peak Cavern and were taken by Grace Chu 2/2/2020.