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Some Photos from CCPC Members Caving Abroad. Click, or tap on a picture to enlarge.

Gouffre Berger

CCPC have visited the famous Gouffre Berger twice as a club and members have visited as guests of other clubs on other occasions. Read a report from the 2010 trip with Masson.

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Ralph Johnson and Paul Holdcroft on Cairn Pitch in the Berger in 1995. A joint trip with our Belgian friends from Liege. The club went on to bottom the cave. Several other caves, canyons and "hills" were visited as were most of the local bars! Photo © Ross Evans.

Sharon Brandwood serving breakfast to Malcolm Davis - Camp 1, Hall of Thirteen, Gouffre Berger in 1995. Photo © Ralph Johnson.

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In 2010, several CCPC members were guests on the Masson club trip to the Berger. There is a long walk in from the last road to the cave. Photo © Jenny Drake.

This is just some of the tackle required to rig the Gouffre Berger. Photo © Jenny Drake.

Pierre Saint Martin

Whilst on holiday in the Pyrenees John Gillet, Ralph Johnson, Paul Holdcroft and Steve Knox managed to fit in a trip into the PSM via the Salle de Verna. Accompanied by Michel Lauga (an old friend from ARSIP and controller for Speleo Secours) the group went as far as the site of Marcel Loubens' tomb and the foot of the Tête Sauvage. The day was rounded off by an excellent meal at Michels bungalow. Most peoples memories are somewhat vague on detail! Without being aware of it Ralph, John and Michel ended up trying to converse in 3 different languages, plus a little Basque for good measure!

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John Gillet, Michel Lauga, Paul Holdcroft and Ralph Johnson in Pierre Saint Martin. Photo © Steve Knox.


Several members have caved in China. The country has some of the largest karst areas in the world, with much of the limestone areas unexplored.

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In 2003, Jenny went on an expedition at Tianxing in Chongqing Municipality with the Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society. Here she is cutting away some vegetation, before making a first descent of a shaft. A report of the expedition is in Newsletter 85.

Sui Lin Ao Kou entrance near Tianxing in 2003. Photo © Jenny Drake.

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In 2015 Grace visited Er Wang Dong in Wulong County, Chongqing Municipality. A report of her trip is in Newsletter 115. Photo © Grace Chu

The huge roof light in Er Wang Dong. Note the size of the trees overhanging the top. Photo © Grace Chu

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Matt surveying in Er Wang Dong. Photo © Grace Chu

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