Useful Links

Some useful caving links.

Caving Organisations

British Caving Association

The BCA are the main organisation for caving in Britain. Crewe CPC is a member.

Derbyshire Caving Association

Abbreviated to DCA. From their web site:

The aim of the Derbyshire Caving Association is to foster the spirit of co-operation between organisations and individuals interested in any aspect of caving and kindred subjects in the area of Derbyshire and vicinity and to foster co-operation between the caving world and other bodies or individuals.

Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation

Just in case things go horribly wrong when caving in the Peak District, the guys and gals of DCRO will be there to help you. Many Crewe CPC members are team members too.

British Cave Rescue Council

The national body supporting the sixteen cave rescue teams of the UK and Ireland.

Council of Northern Caving Clubs

From their web site:

Set up in 1963, the CNCC negotiate access agreements to caves and potholes in the Northern counties of England as well as acting as a representative body for recognised caving clubs. In addition, the council has gradually assumed the role of a general representative body for caving clubs.

Peak District Mines Historical Society

Abbreviated to PDMHS and pronounced Pudhams. From their web site:

exists to preserve and promote interest in the important mining history of the Derbyshire Peak District and surrounding areas.

Caving Equipment Shops

Spend your pennies on new bright shiny caving gear. Then trash it and cover it with mud.

Starless River

Tony Seddon's mobile caving shop. Regularly visits the Peak District.


Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales. They also have a fine café upstairs and a climbing wall nearby.

Other Caving Links

Met Office Mountain Forecast

Covers the main caving areas. Designed for mountaineers and walkers, but good for caving too as you then know if your cave is going to flood and the conditions for the walk there and back from the car.

UK Caving Boardroom

UK Caving

Waste hours on the message boards. Useful for the latest information and new discoveries from the main caving areas.

Descent Magazine

The main magazine covering UK caving.

Peak District Caving Info.

An on-line guide to the caves of the Peak District. Provided by the DCA.

Braemoor Caving Index

Useful route and rigging guides to caves mainly in the Dales, but also in the Chartreuse along with other articles.

British Caving Library

The BCRA's caving library. Contains a catalogue of their dead tree format information, as well as on line archives and audio recordings. Has links to other caving libraries. A useful resource for research.

Ireby Fell Cavern

Des in Ireby Fell Cavern. Photo © Grace Chu 2014.