Meets List

A list of the meets organised in advance. In addition to these, many other meets are organised on an ad-hoc basis. We use our email list to organise trips. Access to the email list and the exact date of meets is available to all club members and to prospective members by invitation only.

January 2020

Flower Pot to Merlin Mine. Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire. Grade 4. One to burn off those Christmas calories and clear the head of Christmas spirit!

Grand Turk to White Vein, Minera Mine. Minera, N Wales. Grade 3.

February 2020

Peak Cavern. Castleton, Derbyshire. Grade 3 to 5.

Lancaster Hole. Easegill, in the Dales. Grade 3 to 4.

March 2020

Rowter Hole. The Extensions. Castleton, Derbyshire. Grade 3 to 4.

Ogof Draenen. South Wales. Grade 3 to 4.

COVID-19 Pandemic. Club trips have been canceled where restrictions are in effect.

Aygill Cavern. Easegill, in the Dales. Grade 3 to 4.

April 2020

Langstroth Pot. Langstrothdale, Yorkshire. Grade 4.

Cwmorthin Slate Mine. North Wales. Grade 3.

May 2020

Juniper Gulf. The Allotment, Yorkshire. Grade 4.

Manchester Hole to Goyden Pot. Nidderdale, Yorkshire. Grade 3.

June 2020

Sleets Gill Cave / Dowkabottom Cave. Lower Littondale, Yorkshire. Grade 4.

Snail Beach Mine / Perkin Level. To be confirmed. Snailbeach, Shropshire.

July 2020

Leverswater to Hospital Level. Coniston, Cumbria. Grade 3 to 4.

Lancaster - Easegill System. Dales. Changed from Penyghent Pot. Grade 3 to 4.

August 2020

Providence Pot to Dow Cave. Great Whernside, Yorkshire. Grade 4.

Gouffre Berger. Vercor, France. Grade 5.

Black Shiver Pot. Chapel-le-Dale, Yorkshire. Grade 5.

Penyghent Pot. Dales. Changed from Ogof Agen Allwydd. Grade 5.

September 2020

Giant's Hole. Castleton, Derbyshire. Grade 3 to 4.

Slaughter Stream Cave. Forest of Dean. Grade 3 to 4.

October 2020

James Hall Over Engine Mine (JH). Castleton, Derbyshire. Grade 4.

Pasture Gill Pot. Langstrothdale, Yorkshire. Grade 4.

Cwmorthin Slate Mine. North Wales. Grade 3.

November 2020

Poachers Cave. Cilcain Bridge, North Wales. Grade 3. Changed to Great Masson Mine in Derbyshire, outside the Forbidden Zone.

Peak Cavern. Castleton, Derbyshire. Grade 3 to 5.

Waterways Swallet. Carpark cleanup and possible trip. Blore, Staffordshire.

December 2020

Crisp Delph Sandstone Mine. Roby Mill, Skelmersdale, Lancashire. Grade 2.

Robin's Shaft Mine. Derbyshire. Grade 3.

In the Autumn, our meets secretary will be asking club members for suggestions for the 2021 meets list.


We usually use Single Rope Technique, or SRT to descend and ascend vertical sections of caves. With the areas we cave in, many of our trips will require mastery of SRT. Full training can be provided by the club and you can borrow the equipment until you decide to buy your own.

Some notes on grades

Where possible, an indication of the difficulty of the cave is given on a scale from one to five. The grading system is based on that used in the Northern Caves guide books. Grading in caving will always be subjective and not as sophisticated as the systems used in the climbing world. The difficulty of the cave will also depend on the size, experience and fitness of the caver as well as the weather conditions and many other factors.

  1. Easy cave or mine without vertical pitches, or appreciable difficulties.
  2. Moderate cave or mine, or small pothole.
  3. Cave, pothole, or mine with no particularly hazardous, difficult, or strenuous sections.
  4. Cave, pothole, or mine with some hazards, difficult sections, or large pitches.
  5. Cave, pothole, or mine with very strenuous, difficult sections and large, wet pitches. You'll need to be fit and fully competent for these.