Meets List

A list of meets that have been disorganised in advance. There is often an alternative meet offered. If the main trip is a difficult one, then the alternative may be easier for those not wanting something too hard core. If the main trip is highly weather dependent, then the alternative may be a better option if the conditions are poor. Back up trips may not happen if there isn't enough interest. Main trips sometimes get canceled, or rearranged, due to circumstances. In addition to these, many other meets are disorganised on an ad-hoc basis.

We use our email list for detailed trip disorganisation as the day approaches. Access to the email list and the exact date of meets is available to all club members and to prospective members by invitation only.

Covid badly affected our 2020 and 2021 meets lists, due to lock downs and restrictions in the various nations. 2022 was better!

January 2023

Giants Hole, Castleton, Derbyshire, Grade 3 to 5 Alternative P8 Perryfoot, Derbyshire Some SRT, Grade 2 to 5

Grand Turk (Minera Mine), Minera quarry, North Wales Cave passage in Minera mine. 50 foot abseil down shaft to enter cave passage, Grade 3 Alternative Minera mine Minera quarry, Northwales Lead mine, Grade 3

February 2023

Jug Holes, Matlock, Derbyshire Old mine, Grade 2 Alternative Cumberland Cavern Derwent South Mine, Grade 5

Peak Cavern, (TBC) Castleton, Derbyshire, Grade 3 to 5 Alternative Giants Hole Castleton, Derbyshire, Grade 2 to 4

March 2023

Hough Level, Alderly Edge Copper Mine (TBC) Alderly Egde Trip in a boat or swim along the Hough Level, Grade 3 Alternative Hartington Moor Farm Adit Dove, Derbyshire, Grade 2

P8, Perryfoot, Derbyshire Some SRT Grade 3 Alternative Mistral Hole East Gill, Yorshire, Grade 3

April 2023

Cae Coch Sulfur Mine, Near Trefriw, North Wales Old sulpher mine, Grade 2 Alternative Perryfoot Cave Perryfoot, Derbyshire, Grade 3

Shuttleworth Pot, Leck Fell, Yorkshire Some SRT

May 2023

Mouldridge Mine, Derbyshire, Grade 2 Alternative Moorfurlong Mine and Caverns Bradwell, Derbyshire, Grade 3

King Pot East, Kingsdale, Yorkshire, Grade 5 Alternative Illusion Pot East Kingsdale, Yorkshire, Grade 5

Gaping Gill Winch meet and surrounding caves, Grade 3 to 5

June 2023

Bog Mine, (TBC) Llanferres, North Wales. Cowstails will be needed on this trip, Grade 3 Alternative Oxlow Cavern Castleton, Derbyshire SRT mine, Grade 3

Ogof Draenen and Social weekend around Crickhowell (TBC) Llanelly Hill, Southwales Largest cave system in Wales, Grade 3 to 5 Alternative Mandale Mine Lathkill, Derbyshire, Grade 3

July 2023

Hendre Spar Mine Hendre, North Wales, Grade 2 Alternative Ogof Cefn Gist Worlds End, North Wales Short muddy cave 200m long. A cave that is rearly done, Grade 3

Croesor to Rhosydd Tanygrisiau, North Wales SRT through trip, Grade 3 Alternative Out sleet Beck Pot Penyghent Gill, Yorkshire, Grade 3

Simpsons or Swinsto West Kingsdale, Yorkshire SRT through trip, Grade 3 Alternative Heron Pot East Kingsdale, Yorkshire SRT through trip if water permits, Grade 3

July and August 2023

Gouffre Berger, France

August 2023

Smeltmill Beck Cave Brough, Grade 3 Alternative P8 Perryfoot, Derbyshire Permission, Perryfoot Farm, Grade 3

Old Ash Mine, Derwent South,Grade 2 Alternative Slaley Sough Derwent South, Matlock, Grade 2

September 2023

Lancaster Hole, Eastgill, Yorkshire SRT entrance. Largest cave system in Yorkshire, Grade 3 to 5 Alternative Mistral Hole East Gill, Yorkshire, Grade 3

Alum Pot, and social weekend Alum, Yorkshire A system for every ones ability, Grade 2 to 4 Alternative Diccan Pot Alum Pot, Yorkshire, Grade 4

October 2023

Notts 2, Leck Fell, Yorkshire, Grade 3 Alternative Death Heads to Notts 2 Leck Fell, Yorkshire SRT through trip, Grade 3

Titan to Peak or Titan Streamway, Castleton, Derbyshire SRT with very big pitches, Grade 4 Alternative Rowter Hole Extention Castleton, Derbyshire, Grade 3 to 4

November 2023

Clearwell Caves, (TBC) Forest of Dean Heavlly mined cave. Lengh 24km, Grade 3

Waterway Swallet carpark clean up Hamps and Manifold The annual cutting back of the carpark NGR: 1260 4917

Peak Cavern, (TBC) Castleton, Derbyshire Biggest cave system in Derbyshire, Grade 2 to 5 Alternative Ireby Fell Cavern Masongill, Yorkshire, Grade 3

December 2023

ODB, (TBC) Minera quarry, North Wales Cave system in Minera quarry, Grade 3 Alternative Minera mine Minera quarry, North Wales Lead mine, Grade 3

Cussey Pot, Eyam, Derbyshire Not for the faint hearted! Grade 3 to 5 Alternative Carlswalk Cavern Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire Multi entrances, Grade 2 to 4

Clatterway Levels (Ball Pie Mine/Brogdale Pipe), Derwent South, Matlock Mine with possible through trip, Grade 2 Alternative SideTrack cave Eldon Quarry Long entrance crawl, Grade 3

In the Autumn, our meets secretary will be asking club members for suggestions for the 2024 meets list.


We usually use Single Rope Technique, or SRT to descend and ascend vertical sections of caves. With the areas we cave in, many of our trips will require mastery of SRT. Full training can be provided by the club and you can borrow the equipment until you decide to buy your own.

Some notes on grades

Where possible, an indication of the difficulty of the cave is given on a scale from one to five. The grading system is based on that used in the Northern Caves guide books. Grading in caving will always be subjective and not as sophisticated as the systems used in the climbing world. The difficulty of the cave will also depend on the size, experience and fitness of the caver as well as the weather conditions and many other factors.

  1. Easy cave or mine without vertical pitches, or appreciable difficulties.
  2. Moderate cave or mine, or small pothole.
  3. Cave, pothole, or mine with no particularly hazardous, difficult, or strenuous sections.
  4. Cave, pothole, or mine with some hazards, difficult sections, or large pitches.
  5. Cave, pothole, or mine with very strenuous, difficult sections and large, wet pitches. You'll need to be fit and fully competent for these.