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The Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club figure 8 logo. This has been the club logo since 1982. It was redrawn in scalable vector graphics (svg) format by Jenny Drake in 2019 from the bitmap drawn in an early version of Microsoft Paint by Mark Lovatt in the late 1980's. Copyright is with the Club.

A brief history of the logo from Steve Knox:

The original circular badge, designed by John Mather in 1970, shows a vertical ice-axe, crossed by a pegging hammer (above) and an ice-hammer (lower), surrounded by 'CREWE CLIMBING AND POTHOLING CLUB' in a border, with 'EST 1957' at the bottom; black background, red borders and tool shafts, white lettering and tool heads, with black lettering on white for the date - I still have mine ! During November and December of 1981 we had a competition for a new badge/logo to replace the original one, and three possibilities were submitted (by ???) and were judged at the meeting held on 4th January 1982:- caver (7 votes), abseiler (4 votes), and figure of eight (12 votes).

For a more detailed history and a picture of the old club logo see Newsletter 122.



Used with permission from Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation.

Bat Image

Bat Image

The bat image used in unordered lists on the site is based on a picture of a Lesser Horseshoe Bat, taken by F. C. Robiller and released by the creator under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. The original image was extensively modified by Jenny Drake and the new image is free to use under the same license conditions as the original.

RSS Feed Image

RSS Feed

RSS feed logo. Used under GNU General Public License Version 2 and higher.

Find us on Facebook Logo


The "Find us on Facebook logo" is unmodified and used in accordance with Facebook's guidelines.

Printer Icon

Gnome Printer Icon

Printer icon from the Gnome Project, Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 us License.

Derbyshire Key

Derbyshire key

Derbyshire key adjustable spanner from Creative Commons license.



Key from Creative Commons license.

Tree Symbol

tree symbol

Tree symbol used in the rigging guide. Slightly modified. Creative Commons License and can be used with the same license.

Ireby Fell Cavern

Des Kelly in Ireby Fell Cavern. Photo © Grace Chu 2014.