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Some pictures of past projects carried out by club members. Click, or tap on a picture to enlarge.

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Paul Nixon working on the ginging in Whalf Mine (Steve Knox - 5.12.98)

Paul Nixon and John Preston at the top of Whalf Climbing Shaft (Steve Knox - 10.1.98)

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Steve Knox fitting the lid at Whalf Mine Climbing Shaft (21.3.98)

Ralph Johnson in Maskhill Mine, hand drilling a hole for a resin P hanger on 28-8-95. CreweCPC were heavily involved in the project to replace 8mm Spit anchors in the Peak District with Eco hangers. Photo © Steve Knox.

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Mick and Ade install the new ladder at the Bung in Speedwell (2010).

A pipe being carried in to Speedwell Cavern in 2011. This was to divert water from the Leviathan shaft away from the boulder piles and prevent the choke being undermined.

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Installing a new traverse line at the Whirlpool in Speedwell streamway in 2011. Rob has the drill!

Installing a new traverse line at the Whirlpool in Speedwell streamway in 2011. Steve PA, Rob and Roy getting cold and wet.

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Clearing the vegetation from the cavers car park for Waterways Swallet November 30th 2019. The gaffer offers encouragement. © Alan Brentnall 2019.

CCPC members in action fitting stakes to North Gully in Eldon Hole. At the same time the old rawlbolts in South gully were replaced. And all other eco hangers were checked and found to be OK (Steve Knox - 19.6.99)

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More vegetation bashing. This time at the cavers car park for P8 and Gautries Pot at Perryfoot. © Steve PA 2020.

Keith Joule Shuttleworth Pot

Keith Joule in Shuttleworth Pot.

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