Titan Streamway 8-7-18

A successful trip along Titan Streamway on Sunday. Eight of us in total underground. Roy came to the Event Horizon with us and prussiked out. The scale of the Titan shaft only becomes apparent when there are plenty of cavers spread up and down the 80m upper pitch and across the fixed tension traverse to the streamway, lighting it up. The Titan Streamway needed some combined tactics and handlines to get us all up the cascades. A beautiful clean washed passage, but with very little water flowing. This degenerated in to a low crawl, in and out of water, before breaking out in to a large chamber. A hand line climb leads to a scaffold shored dig through boulders. This breaks out in to a bigger chamber, with a fixed 10 to 15m rope up to a high inlet passage. At the top of this is a beautifully decorated passage, Frozen in Time, which we went along very carefully. A video of the initial breakthrough in to this section is on Youtube. A longer trip than expected, between six and seven hours. Two ropes were rigged on the long pitch to help speed things up.

Some pictures from Grace.

SRT training

Training in SRT.