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Some pictures of club members training in caving techniques. Click, or tap on a picture to enlarge.

White Hall 2022

Training in the climbing barn at White Hall outdoor education centre in March 2022. We covered mid rope changeovers, pitch rigging, improvising for lost, or broken SRT kit components and hardest of all, mid-rope rescue of an incapacitated caver.

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Jack practices a mid rope changeover from ascent to descent. Photo © Heather Simpson. Gaz carries out a mid rope rescue of Steve PA, lowering him to the ground. Photo © Heather Simpson.

Cutting the rope! The simplest method for picking off a stuck caver mid rope. Requires a spare rope to be available to lower them to the floor. Gaz shows how it's done, with Steve PA trusting he is remembering to cut the correct rope... Video © Heather Simpson.

Parson House 2009

A training session held at Parson House in 2009 with a CIC Instructor on SRT and SRT Self Rescue techniques. It was January and rather cold in the barn, hence the warm clothing!

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The team getting some instruction. Busy practicing.
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Practicing mid-rope changeovers. Practicing mid-rope rescue of an incapacitated caver.

Formation in Notts 2

Formations in Notts 2. Photo © Jenny Drake 2013.

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