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We are an active and friendly caving club that welcomes both new and experienced cavers. Despite our name, we are mainly a caving club, though some members do climb as well. We are mostly based in Cheshire and Staffordshire, but some members live further away. Our caving and mine exploration takes place locally in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales and further afield in this country and abroad.

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Birks Fell Cave. 15th September 2019

Five members had a very sporting descent of Birks Fell Cave in Wharfdale. We met for breakfast in Kettlewell, before driving the few miles to Buckden and parking in the village car park. After changing, there was a roughly one mile walk to the cave, crossing the valley floor and climbing the opposite hill side. Steve PA stopped by at the farm with our permit.

There had been some rain overnight and more was forecast for the afternoon, so we had a time limit for the trip. Those who had been before found it hard to recognise in many places as the water levels were higher than on the previous trip.

The cave is reckoned to be one of the most sporting in the Dales, with water accompanying visitors for much of the time, down cascades and climbs. A couple of low crawls tested out larger team mates. We decided to turn round at Shooting Box Aven, where a spectacular waterfall drops around fifty feet in to the cave. There is plenty more cave to do beyond this, but we were concious of time passing and the wet weather heading towards us. The journey out was swift and uneventful. No one obstacle is especially hard, but they follow each other in constant succession. Once in the flow of caving it is a joy to make progress through this cave.

Back on the surface, we returned to Buckden and got changed, before wandering over to the pub for a post caving drink. All agreed that it is well worth returning to this cave for a trip without the time pressure and hopefully see more of it.


Des, Rob, Steve PA, Pete S and Jenny underground. Des has published some pictures from the trip.

Mud, But Not Underground

Three club members did a Tough Mudder race at the weekend. Well done Neil, Steve PA and Dan. Some pictures from Des.

Mandale Mine. 31st August 2019

There was an really good turn-out yesterday for our trip into Mandale Mine, in Lathkill Dale, with eleven Members and friends getting underground. It was especially good to see those Members who don't get out as often as they would like (young and old). Thank you all for your excellent company.

Doubtless there will be a write-up, with photos, in the next CCPC Newsletter.

Steve Knox

Try Caving

We can arrange supervised caving trips for individuals, or for small groups, with all equipment provided. Our ability to do this was initially funded through a National Lottery grant. If you are interested, then please get in touch.

Peak District Rigging Guide

Unsure of the state of play regarding P-bolts? Contact us or buy the guide!

Our guidebook covers all of the worthwhile SRT trips in the Peak District. Profits from the guides were used initially to fund the eco-hanger bolting project. Since its completion sizable donations have been made to Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation.

The guide is available from Starless River, Caving Supplies, or Inglesport.

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Caving Conservation Code

As a club we aim to minimise the impact we have on the cave environment by following the BCA Caving Conservation Code.

  1. Cave with care and thought for the environment.
  2. Disturb nothing whether living or geological.
  3. Avoid touching formations.
  4. Keep to marked routes and never cross conservation tapes.
  5. Take nothing but photographs.
  6. Do not pollute the cave, leave nothing behind.

Risk Statement

As a club, Crewe Climbing & Potholing Club (C.C.P.C.) recognizes that the activities undertaken by Club Members may involve a danger of personal injury or death. As participants in such activities, all adult Members of C.C.P.C. (including Temporary Members) must be aware of, and accept, these risks, and must be responsible for their own actions, and for their own safety. [CCPC Risk Statement. 01-01-2015]

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Ireby Fell Cavern

Des Kelly in Ireby Fell Cavern. Photo © Grace Chu 2014.

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