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We are an active and friendly caving club that welcomes both new and experienced cavers. Despite our name, we are mainly a caving club, though some members do climb as well. We are mostly based in Cheshire and Staffordshire, but some members live further away. Our caving and mine exploration takes place locally in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales and further afield in this country and abroad.

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The latest news from the club. Just the most recent updates appear here. All the news, including older news (olds?) can be found on the News page.

CCPC Newsletter 118, April 2019 Published

Read the latest club newsletter. For those, like the web site editor, who didn't know, argillaceous refers to minerals containing substantial amounts of clay-like components.

Mendip Weekend April 2019

Crewe CPC went further afield than usual, with a weekend in the Mendip Hills of Somerset. Accommodation was the Shepton Mallet Caving Club Hut, which has an adjustable squeeze box in the common room that can be modified to make it more, or less tricky. The team had a lot of fun with this, perfecting their technique and also enjoyed the caving, with a trip down Swildon's Hole. Some pictures in the News page.

Dales Weekend April 2019

Ade organised a weekend in the Dales, staying at a YRC hut. This included a trip down Ireby Fell, as well as walking and climbing. Here is a brief report from Ruth.

Thanks everyone for making this weekend so much (totally exhausting) fun. You all epitomise the nature of CCPC and constantly confirm that you are the best club there is full of the nicest people. The walk was around the most stunning scenery; the climbing was fun (so proud of those who were new to it!) And Ireby didn't disappoint - beautiful and varied. Special thanks to Ade for organising; Steve for cooking and Alan, Mark and Adam for patiently accompanying me out of the cave. See you all in 2 weeks!!

Ruth/ Morticia

Try Caving

We can arrange supervised caving trips for individuals, or for small groups, with all equipment provided. Our ability to do this was initially funded through a National Lottery grant. If you are interested, then please get in touch.

Peak District Rigging Guide

Unsure of the state of play regarding P-bolts? Contact us or buy the guide!

Our guidebook covers all of the worthwhile SRT trips in the Peak District. Profits from the guides were used initially to fund the eco-hanger bolting project. Since its completion sizable donations have been made to Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation.

The guide is available from Starless River, Caving Supplies, or Inglesport.

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We have an RSS feed with the latest club news and updates. We also have a Facebook presence.

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Caving Conservation Code

As a club we aim to minimise the impact we have on the cave environment by following the BCA Caving Conservation Code.

  1. Cave with care and thought for the environment.
  2. Disturb nothing whether living or geological.
  3. Avoid touching formations.
  4. Keep to marked routes and never cross conservation tapes.
  5. Take nothing but photographs.
  6. Do not pollute the cave, leave nothing behind.

Risk Statement

As a club, Crewe Climbing & Potholing Club (C.C.P.C.) recognizes that the activities undertaken by Club Members may involve a danger of personal injury or death. As participants in such activities, all adult Members of C.C.P.C. (including Temporary Members) must be aware of, and accept, these risks, and must be responsible for their own actions, and for their own safety. [CCPC Risk Statement. 01-01-2015]

Attribution and Credit

Some content on the site is used under license from other sources. This page details their sources and the license used.

Ireby Fell Cavern

Des Kelly in Ireby Fell Cavern. Photo © Grace Chu 2014.

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