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Giant's Hole. 5th May 2024

Sun, May 5 2024

Three club cavers were at Giant's, getting changed in the sunshine, for a go at the round trip. Aside from a minor route finding error, after the Windpipe, we made the trip in good time. Lots of people on guided trips in the upper series, but from Garland's Pot onwards, we had the system to ourselves. Castleton absolutely rammed with visitors, enjoying the warmest weekend day so far, after a cold and wet Spring.

Rigging Guide for Snake Mine. PSM Trip Update

Wed, May 1 2024

Peak Caving Club have added some extra anchors to allow several exposed traverses and pitch head approaches in Snake Mine to be better protected. The rigging guide topos have been updated, based on their information.

The planned trip to the Pierre Saint Martin system in the Pyrenees has been cancelled. Hopefully this may be revived in 2025.

Jug Holes. Saturday 20th April 2024

Tue, Apr 23 2024

The planned trip to Five Ways Pot in the Dales was cancelled, due to a mixture of illness and peoples plans changing. Two members did go Jug Holes, near Matlock in Derbyshire instead. A report has been written for the next edition of the Newsletter.

Moel Fferna Slate Mine and the Rigging Guide

Sun, Apr 7 2024

There was a trip to Moel Fferna Slate Mine in Denbighshire today. Some pictures here.

The Safety section in the rigging guide has been revised with links to The BCA Anchor Scheme for advice on checking and using resin anchors. The BCA provide best practice and liability insurance for official anchor installers in the Peak District and beyond. Recommendations on the best organisations to report defective anchors have been updated. The symbol for a tree belay has been replaced with something that looks a bit more like a tree!

Newsletter 152

Tue, Apr 2 2024

Newsletter 152 is now available to read here.

Bull Pot of the Witches

Mon, Mar 25 2024

A trip to this Dales cave near Casterton Fell yesterday.

Rigging Guide

Tue, Mar 19 2024

Some updates to the rigging guide for the White River Series in Peak Cavern. The Moosetrap series in White River, Peak Cavern, has been updated following a recent visit to the top of the third pitch. The Ventilator series, down from the White River has been updated to reflect the recent rebolting work by the Peak Cavern Keyholders. Pull through and pull up ropes in the the following topos have been standardised to show the total length of rope required to pull through, or up. Only those routinely rigged as pull throughs, or pull ups are shown this way. Nickergrove Mine, for example, where pull through is an option some visitors take, is shown with rope lengths for regular rigging.

The pull down rope is shown as a dashed line for clarity, unless that rope is anchored at the base of the pitch and supporting a caver's weight, where it is shown as a solid line. Pull up cords are shown as a dotted line.

Peak Cavern and Bats (not in Peak Cavern)

Sun, Mar 10 2024

Two club events this weekend. Saturday had eight of us on a trip to the White River Series in Peak Cavern. We were followed along Colostomy Crawl by three Notts Uni student cavers with similar plans to us. The large numbers made the climb up Block Hall very time consuming, so three Crewe and one of the Notts cavers decided to turn back. This team discovered a large block of clay had fallen and blocked the Trenches since the morning. To get out, they had to dig their way through, using SRT descenders as spades! The others explored the White River Series and took a look down Moosetrap, before descending the newly updated pull through rigging of the Ventilator pitches.

Sunday saw three people meet up with bat expert and TSG caver Jess Eades for a bat identification session in a mine adit by the Via Gellia. Two bats of different species were found and identified, so the day was a success! Thanks to Jess for a fascinating day. A full report will be in the next Newsletter.

Old Newsletters from number One

Sun, Mar 3 2024

We have now uploaded all the newsletters back to the first numbered edition from July 1983. Over forty years ago. There are earlier editions, from before they were numbered still to do that will take it back in to the 1970's, but this is a major milestone in the project and worthy of announcing in the club news. Direct links to the latest uploads:

Links to all the uploaded newsletters and indexes for those yet to be scanned can be found on the newsletters page.

Son of Longcliffe added to the Rigging Guide. More Old Newsletters

Tue, Feb 27 2024

Following the visit on Sunday, a rigging topo for Son of Longcliffe has been added to the main Longcliffe Mine topo.

More old newsletters have been scanned and uploaded to the site. Direct links:

Longcliffe and Son of Longcliffe

Sun, Feb 25 2024

A first official club visit to these two relatively recent rediscoveries near Castleton, though several members have visited with other clubs. We split in to two groups, with some doing Longcliffe and others Son of Longcliffe. Unfortunately, the person most familiar with Longcliffe descended Son of and those doing Longcliffe had problems finding the correct SRT rigging route, leading to a long delay. When the Son of Longcliffe party returned to the surface, the last of the Longcliffe group were still on the surface. The rigging on the entrance pitch was soon sorted and some of the second party descended, meeting up with the first group. Between us we explored much of Longcliffe Mine. With it getting late in the day, the ladder and line were pulled up from Son of Longcliffe without a further descent. Some photos of Longclffe from Paul Griffiths.

CCPC Newsletters Go Back To The '80's!

When we used carbide lights to see by and our caving suits had very broad shoulder pads. Our project to upload back issues of the club Newsletter continues. Every Newsletter from the 1990's to the present day is now on-line. We are currently working our way through the 1980's editions. Direct links to the latest uploads are below. Thanks again to Steve Knox for his commitment to scanning these in from his complete paper copy library.

Newsletter 151

Sun, Feb 18 2024

The latest club newsletter is available to read.

Odin Mine

Sat, Feb 10 2024

Five people underground at Odin Mine today, Plus Steve Knox, who was out walking and met up with us at the start and the end of our trip. Castleton and the surrounding area was packed with people on what was a miserable day, weather wise. We made our way down to the Cartgate chamber, admiring the mud and the dry stone ceilings along the way. As a result of this trip, we've made a change to the Odin mine rigging topo rope length for the traverse for the 2nd (up) pitch from 25m to 16m.

Eyam Dale House Cave Rigging Topo

Tue, Feb 6 2024

Eyam Dale House Cave rigging topo. Changed the Derbyshire key symbol to key, or code required symbol, following changes to access for this cave.

Sidetrack and Convenience Caves

Sun, Jan 28 2024

A visit to Sidetrack Cave, followed by Convenience Cave, in Eldon Quarry today for squeezes of varying lengths, leading to well decorated passages beyond.

Dan Badderley in Convenience Cave. Photo © Grace Chu 2024

Dan Badderley in Convenience Cave. Photo © Grace Chu 2024

Bottle Pot Added to the Rigging Guide

Tue, Jan 16 2024

On Sunday, three club members were guests on a trip to Bottle Pot in the Upper Dove catchment. A short, but fun cave, with fine "Yorkshire" style pitches, descending to horizontal passages of Derbyshire mud. Notes were taken, sketches made and ropes measured. A rigging topo for this trip has been added to the Rigging Guide.

P8 and Mine Exploration

Mon, Jan 8 2024

Seven members underground in a wet P8 on Sunday. Another two explored old mine workings elsewhere.

Rigging Guide

Wed, Jan 3 2024

Some minor changes to the rigging guide topo for Longcliffe Mine. Added the resin anchor for a backup at the entrance. In addition to the padlock key to open the lid, it is a good idea to have a Derbyshire key, AKA a large adjustable spanner, to help open and close the latch from the outside.

2024 is the 30th anniversary year of the very first CCPC Rigging Guide. A scan of the first edition is available to view, for those that are interested. Much has changed. Thefts from caver's cars while underground have thankfully declined. Many cavers still had to be convinced that resin anchors were reliable and safe. There have been new discoveries and major extensions, along with new and improved routes in existing caves and mines. Vertical caving in Derbyshire has come a long way.

Heather Simpson and Rob Nevitt in Cae Coch Sulfur Mine, North Wales. 
	The colours are real. Photo © Gaz McShee. April 2023.

Heather Simpson and Rob Nevitt in Cae Coch Sulfur Mine, North Wales. The colours are real. Photo © Gaz McShee. April 2023.